Year 9


Year 9 – the first year at secondary school

To enhance the transition to secondary school and lay the foundations for the following years.

Year 9 students will enjoy:     

  • Orientation week - getting to know your form class, teachers and how the school works
  • Small class sizes - we aim for a maximum of 25 students in each form
  • Banding – ability grouping in English and Mathematics.
  • Peer Support - support and encouragement from Year 13 students.
  • Sapere Aude – individual programmes for the Gifted & Talented.
  • Learning Centre – learning support for students with Special Needs.
  • Student mediators - organised by students for students, to help resolve issues.
  • Information & Communications Technology – school intranet system to enhance learning across the curriculum
  • Information Centre (incorporating the new library) – a current building project to provide a 21st century independent learning facility


Subjects studied at Year 9:

  •   English
  •   Mathematics
  •   Science
  •   Social Science
  •   Health and Physical Education
  •   Technology
  •   Art, Drama/Dance, Music – choose two out of three Arts options
  •   Language – choose one of the following: French, Japanese, Mandarin, Samoan, Te Reo Maori, Te Reo Rangatira. Those requiring extra support in English, will study English Enrichment instead of an additional language.

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English Language Assistance (ESOL)

We offer a comprehensive range of ESOL classes to support students at all levels of English acquisition from beginners to UE Literacy.