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Published: Wednesday, 30 June 2021 09:08

The University of Auckland Young Scholars Programme extends academically able students in Year 13 to study a Stage 1 paper in a variety of subjects. In the 1st semester this year Mackenzie Adams 13 KCL studied Philosophy 105 Critical Thinking.She achieved an A+ which will be on her University transcript as she intends studying at the University of Auckland in 2022.
Her comments are: "The University of Auckland Young Scholars programme was a valuable opportunity for me because I was able to experience what university is like by completing a first year philosophy course. Completing a course in the Young Scholars Program gave me the opportunity to connect with other high school students who were participating in the programme. I was also able to see the level of work required for the first year of university and was able to learn more about an area I am interested in. I would recommend this programme for anyone who wants to extend themselves and is prepared to work hard."

McKenzie Adams

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