Year 13


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28.02.2024 10:00 am - 2:30 pm
Swimming Sports

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Year 13 requirements

In Year 13 most students will be working towards NCEA Level 3 (the National Certificate of Educational Achievement) and University Entrance. They will usually study 5 subjects at Year 13, but it is possible to take a combination of Level 2 & Level 3 subjects where appropriate.

Specialised National Certificates

Some Year 12 & 13 courses offer credits towards extra qualifications including:

  • National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing
  • National Certificate in Computing
  • National Certificate in Tourism
  • National Certificate in Employment Skills
  • National Certificate in Catering and Hospitality
  • National Certificate in Retailing

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English Language Assistance (ESOL)

We offer a comprehensive range of ESOL classes to support students at all levels of English acquisition from beginners to UE Literacy.