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MATES Mentoring programme

We are fortunate to have a number of internal scholarships to help students while they are at Auckland Girls or doing tertiary studies.  Many of the scholarships are provided by former principals, staff and students.  Details of when and how to apply for scholarships are provided in the daily notices.  Maggie Hames, the Careers Advisor, can also provide information.

The Cotter Trust Entry Scholarship:

The Cotter Trust provides annually  Entry Scholarships with a value of $1500 per year over a five year tenure (subject to annual review) for one or more Year 9 students. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of financial need, academic potential, cultural and/or sporting ability and personal character.

The Cotter Trust Year 13 Grant:

The Cotter Trust provides annually a grant to support one or more Year 13 students on the basis of financial need, academic potential, prior contribution to school life and personal character.

Annie Rose Allum Scholarship:

$500 for one year awarded to a worthy student to enable her to continue her studies at either secondary or tertiary level.

Rua I Gardner Scholarships:

$250 awarded to outstanding Year 9 and Year 10 students.  The top Year 9 and 10 Rua Gardner Scholars receive $350 each.

Year 11 and Year 12 students may apply for a scholarship of $300 to help them continue with their studies at school.  Year 13 students may apply for a scholarship of $500 to assist with their tertiary studies.

Louise Gardner Centennial Scholarship:

$5000 a year for three years to a student enrolled in a course of full-time study at a tertiary institution. Year 13 students and former pupils of Auckland Girls are eligible to apply.  The Louise Gardner Trust also awards one off grants to individual students.

John Williamson Scholarship:

$500 to students in Years 11 and 12 and $1,000 to students in Year 13 at Auckland Girls Grammar School who combine academic excellence with leadership and service to the school.

E M Johnston Scholarship:

$2,000 provided by the Old Girls Trust to assist a Year 13 student with tertiary studies.

Centennial Awards:

$500 is awarded at Founding Day to a student from each senior year level.  The student is chosen by her Dean based on her academic performance and her all round contribution to school life.

The Edith Winstone Blackwell Scholarship:

This scholarship in memory of Mrs Blackwell, who was a student at AGGS in 1890, is for $4,000 and is given to a student to assist with her tertiary studies.

The Jubilee Scholarship:

Scholarships of $600 each awarded to the top Year 11 and 12 student at Prizegiving each year.

The Annette SolomanScholarship:

Annette was a science teacher at Auckland Girls'.  This scholarship in her name is awarded to a senior science student.

First Foundation Scholarships:

First Foundation is a unique educational trust founded to assist students to transition from secondary school and to achieve their potential through tertiary education.  

Alongside the scholarship, First Foundation provides the student with a personal mentor, paid work experience and an extensive student development programme. This gives the student opportunities to develop skills, relationships and knowledge that will in turn help them throughout their tertiary pathway.

The scholarships are valued at $12,000 each.

Universities and Technical Institutions:
A number of scholarships are available each year from our Universitities and Technical Institutes.  Our students are encouraged and supported to apply for these by our Student Services Director and a number of students are successful in obtaining these scholarships each year.


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We have a Cafeteria at Auckland Girls.  Both hot and cold food and beverages are available at breakfast, recess and lunch times.  The Cafeteria is open from 8am each day.  We endeavour to promote a healthy menu for our students and encourage girls to take advantage of a reasonably priced healthy option.